Creating a Culture of Evangelism for Women

Evangelism can seem daunting. Do I know enough? Am I bold enough? Can I lead women well in this area of ministry? Learn how to equip and empower women to share the gospel with others.

1h 5m 13 Videos

Evangelism doesn’t always come naturally.

Mobilize women to share the gospel.


  • Catherine Renfro

  • Melanie Ratcliffe


Catherine Renfro and Melanie Ratcliffe guide you through four phases to create an evangelistic culture in your ministry: Examine, Embrace, Engage, and Encourage.

No matter where you’re starting in evangelism, this course will:

  • Explore the biblical basis of ongoing personal evangelism
  • Train and equip you to lead the women God has entrusted to you
  • Provide practical, impactful methods of incorporating gospel conversations in day-to-day life
  • Offer an assessment to gauge the evangelistic health of your ministry
  • Highlight the growth areas within your individual sphere of influence
  • Help you mobilize women through the power of the Holy Spirit

Watch each video and use the Training Guide to process the content and take steps toward practical implementation in your ministry. Included in the Training Guide are:

  • A Personal Assessment
  • Road Map Checklists for each phase
  • Gospel Conversation Starters
  • Prayer Prompts for Evangelism
  • Relevant evangelism resources
  • And more