How to Create a Culture of Evangelism

How to Create a Culture of Evangelism guides pastors to build a culture of evangelism as they move through four areas of emphasis: Examine, Embrace, Engage, and Encourage.

1h 30m 15 lessons

Create a culture of evangelism in your church …

not a campaign.


  • Tim Dowdy

  • Catherine Renfro

  • JJ Washington


Evangelism. It’s the mission of the Church and should be the passion of every Christian. Our hope is that the components of this course will guide you to ignite the flame of evangelism or make it burn brighter in your congregation as you consider how to build a culture of evangelism — one ingrained in the DNA of your church.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why churches need a culture of evangelism — not just a short-term campaign
  • Increase your church’s level of evangelistic engagement 
  • Develop a passion for personal evangelism in your people
  • Deepen your church’s commitment to praying for the lost
  • Celebrate gospel conversations and life transformations

Included in the course:

  • 15 video presentations  
  • References to key NAMB Evangelism Resources 
  • Additional video resources