Understanding a Calling to Ministry

Do you remember when the Holy Spirit drew you into ministry? The process likely occurred over a season, not just in one moment. Hopefully, someone mentored you and prayed with you as God called you. Now you are the one shepherding the next generation, wondering who God is calling and what you should do next.

1h 15m 9 videos

Who is God calling to ministry leadership?

Provide hands-on ministry experience


  • Shane Pruitt

  • Scott Pace

  • Catherine Renfro


Understanding a Calling to Ministry provides free companion resources to Calling Out the Called. These videos and guides cover seven ministry topics and include practical tools for ministry leaders to disciple and walk alongside future ministry leaders as they examine their calling to ministry.

Learn how to:

  • Evaluate personal character and identify strengths, weaknesses, and spiritual gifts
  • Teach spiritual disciplines, establish accountability, identify areas of struggle, and overcome temptation
  • Examine the role of leadership in the church and opportunities to shadow and serve
  • Prepare lessons and messages and how to disciple others
  • Provide a global perspective of lostness and the mission and how to share the gospel
  • Understand the importance of personal administration, church administration, priorities, and finding balance
  • Develop skills in communication, tact and diplomacy, and navigating conflict
  • Equip women to discover, serve, and lead in the role to which God has called them

Watch the video for each ministry topic then use the mentoring guides to facilitate discussion as you disciple a future ministry leader. Each mentoring guide provides:

  • Questions to facilitate conversations that help shape a healthy perspective of the topic, consider related aspects of their calling, and evaluate their own suitability in each area
  • Scriptures that establish a biblical understanding of the topic, cultivate spiritual growth in each area, and provide practical instruction for response
  • Suggested resources for further growth and a deeper understanding of each topic
  • Ministry suggestions to provide guided learning opportunities and practical experiences